Naming Ceremonies

A naming ceremony is very much a wonderful celebration of welcoming and introducing a new arrival into your family and community. A Baby Naming or Name Giving Ceremony is a civil ceremony when the birth of a child is acknowledged and celebrated.

Although a baby naming ceremony has no legal standing, a naming ceremony is not a baptism or christening it is a wonderful way of welcoming a child into the family fold.

Naming Ceremonies are a very important part of family celebrations. A name is very important, it makes us unique, it gives us our identity it is a delightful occasion where parents, who hold no particular religious beliefs, choose to have a Name Giving Ceremony for their child also to recognise, involve and thank the people in an individual or couple’s life who have assisted and encouraged the parents and or who have a special place in the child’s life.

The age of the child or person being named is not important and an adult can also be named.

The naming ceremony is an excellent occasion for the cultural expression of joy, hope and acceptance. Many Christians do not believe in infant baptism, so choose this cultural celebration and leave the child free to choose or not to choose baptism later in their lives.

We can introduce special friends, Godparents, Mentors or Supporting Adults into their lives in a style of ceremony that suits you. I can help you with plenty of ideas and inspiration to make your naming day one you’ll always remember. You can involve as many family members and friends as you like. Parents, siblings, grandparents, godparents, aunties, uncles and friends can all have a role to play in the honouring of a child. Parents and godparents may choose to say vows, family members may take part by performing a reading or poem, siblings and friends can take part in a ritual such as a sand ceremony; butterfly release, sealing of a time capsule, balloons or bubbles, flower exchanges, water blessings, the lighting of candles, the planting of a tree or the creation of a memory box.

Baby or child naming ceremonies can be relaxed or formal; large-scale or intimate affairs; held at any number of venues either indoors and out.

It is lovely to hold the Ceremony outside, especially on a beautiful sunny day, but if you want the ceremony to be held in the Garden, there must also be a suitable room inside – a contingency plan – to hold the ceremony comfortably, if bad weather prevails and prevents this happening.

A personalised naming certificate will be presented to the parents or child. It would be an honour to help design a ceremony with love and meaning for the new arrival in your family.


We specialise in creating a ceremony for you from the heart. As a full service celebrant we also attend to all legal requirements and provide unlimited consultation in person, by telephone and email right through until your Wedding Day.

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